If you want to get information about jail breaks, then for sure you must know about the Cydia. This is an iOS application which helps with a lot of tweaks on how to solve the jailbroken iOS. One can use the application on iPad or iPod as well in iPhone. Everyone can use this app and there is a tutorial to help the people with their doubts. Jay Freeman has created this successful app and this uses the Advanced Packaging Tool (APT) archives, but there are many people who are thinking to use this app and the reason for this is the fear for malware attack.

Required Apps and Tweaks:

One can use the standard applications, open source tweaks and as well the emulators with this Cydia app. There are a lot of adjustments in this store so as to avoid these to override anything that is present in the iOS. Whenever you want to check the Apple restores, then people use the blobs which are called the Cydia reverse marks. You can even downsize the gadget to any sort of early form. As Apple Company doesn’t support the jail break procedure, people who are using the new iPhones are not able to access Cyndia.

However, there are different approaches with which one can jail break even those phones easily. These are the simple things which you will come to read when you search for what is cydia.

Different Uses of Cyndia:

Cyndia has started its services way earlier than App store. It is with the help of this app one can have different icons on the screen. If you are not happy with the operating system, then there is a chance to completely change its behavior. Changing the wall paper and then downloading the YouTube videos are possible here. There are a lot of paid apps here which are useful in different ways.