There’s an app for virtually everything, and that includes business and learning. If you are pursuing a Masters of Business Administration, you are finding ways to use technology to facilitate your studies and to apply in the business world. Most things are moving to digital and this includes every aspect of running a company from payroll to making a business plan to file sharing. You are most likely familiar with apps that help manage your workload and keep track of finances. People tend to like using their favorite apps for a variety of functions, but it is always a good idea to branch out and look for new products.

Business Plans and Presentations

A business plan is an essential place to begin for any company. You will need an effective and clear business plan to persuade potential investors to believe in your company or to secure funding from a bank or another financial institution. A business plan is part mission statement and part description of how your company operates. One of the best MBA-specific apps for constructing a business plan is Elevator (IOS). It not only enables you to build a plan, but makes it easy to share it with others. This app is a great improvement from brainstorming using a pad and a pencil. Elevatr helps you coax your best ideas into shape and gives structure to your vision.


You may have a lot of impressive data but dread the notion of sitting down and figuring out how to put all of the information into charts. Some people love making charts and graphs, but if this is not your forte and you want something presented quickly, use Roambi (iOS) to organize your data and present it in an attractive and compelling form. You can input data into Roambi from a variety of sources including spreadsheets, websites and databases and let the app transform them into compelling visuals. For more information about technology and improving presentations, consult an article about MBA-specific apps.

Filesharing Apps

If you are attending the University of Maryland and want to share information quickly and flawlessly with someone and at Cambridge University, for instance, you need look no further than Microsoft Outlook. You may already have Microsoft outlook app but are not yet using all of its features such as the integration of email with your calendar. This app features fast filtering which allows you to locate obscure emails and gives you the ability to send large documents without having to download them first. Dropbox is also a popular app for sharing files, and it operates cross-platform with the cloud. Just in case you forget to hit save, Dropbox preserves your information.

Staying Productive

The adage “time is money” is definitely true in the world of business. Anything you do helps you and your company stay organized by integrating your daily lists, reminders and notes about upcoming events. Evernote is an ideal app for students, because it helps you use your notes and research effectively with cross-platforming that can be connected to your calendar and Outlook system.

Simplify Your Studies

As a business student, you are focused on organizing your time  how to make the most of your time and figuring out how to increase value with enhanced efficiency. Incorporate popular business apps into your studies and continue using them once you start your business.