The android mobiles have become quite common and have virtually replaced the computers and other systems as far as chatting is concerned. To make the chatting on the android even more enjoyable, various companies have come up with the trendy and innovative keyboards that will multiply your joy of chatting by several folds. Here are some brief descriptions about five of the top rated keyboard apps that you can install on your android phone:


One of the most interesting and entertaining apps with several funky stickers can definitely add much more joy to your chats with friends or special ones. The best part about the app is that you can use your selfie along with the stickers that adds a refreshing touch to the chats that you have. It is also very easy to synchronize this app to the bubble to keep some special stickers and memory safe even if your phone is damaged. You can get this app on


Chrooma Keyboard:

With the ability to support 60 different languages, this app can be definitely a very good addition to your mobile that can help you to chat with people who speak different languages. You can get the Chrooma app by following


Fleksy Keyboard:

With the most accurate autocorrect predictor, this app has definitely become the one that you should definitely have. The app also supports GIF images that add much more fun to your chats. The link for the app is


Minuum Keyboard:

 As the name suggest, this keyboard occupies minimum space on the chat screen and thus adds convenience to the way you chat. The app is easily available on the Google store through following link


Swype Keyboard:

With a facility to create a personal customized dictionary and bilingual support, this app is still one of the best and you can get this on