School can be pretty hard, no doubt about it. Anyone who’s had to burn the midnight oil studying for an exam or deal with bland but confusing lectures will attest to that.

Good thing you can pick up a few cool gadgets to make life in school a little bit easier:

  1. Portable Whiteboard – need to make presentations that you can modify on the fly? These portable whiteboards will help you do just that. Underline key points, sketch diagrams from scratch, write down important notes – these whiteboards let you do just that without chaining you to your tablet or laptop.
  2. Pocket Projector – speaking of presentations, a pocket projector will ensure that you’ll be ready to make one at a moment’s notice. Some projectors even come with their own CPUs, meaning you won’t need a separate tablet or laptop to make your presentation! These make for pretty good entertainment hubs as well, as you can watch videos or play games on an area the equivalent of a wide-screen TV.
  3. Graphics Drawing Pad–a tablet is a pretty useful drawing screen, that’s for sure. If you want precision though, you’ll want a dedicated drawing pad to get the job done. The papery texture coupled with the pressure-sensitive accuracy of the pen helps make it so much easier to make digital sketches on the fly.
  4. Lit Tablet Keyboard Case–ever find yourself needing to type down notes in dark lecture halls or in a darkened dorm room? These tablet cases will get the job done. They not only shield your tablet from wear and tear, the keys also come with their own backlights. This’ll help you get work done in low-light environments!
  5. Wireless Pen Mouse – take all the usual features of a regular mouse and cram it into a pen. That’s what you get with this useful little device. It’s a pretty useful step-up from your average computer control scheme, and is particularly useful when creating handwritten notes and sketches.
  6. Digital Microscope – do your studies entail studying something on the microscopic level? If yes, then you may want to pick up a digital microscope of your own. It’s cheaper, lighter, more portable, and a lot easier to use than traditional microscopes!


  1. All-in-One Coffee Maker – if you like your coffee brewed, then you’ll want to bring your own coffee maker for personal use. These models, however, grind the beans and come with filters that you can pop out and clean in a jiffy. This helps make it easier to brew the a few cups of joe without wasting too much time on the whole process.
  2. Ionic Hair Straightener – never get a bad hair day again with this useful little gadget! The device balances out positive and negative ions – removing the static electricity that causes hair to be frizzy and hard to brush.
  3. Breathalyzer Keychain – parties are fun affairs, but not when you get too drunk to drive. These personal breathalyzers give you a solid number to work with. Then you’ll know if you’re only slightly buzzed or too impaired to responsibly get behind the wheel.
  4. Smartphone VR Glasses – virtual reality is an exciting new technology with lots of potential for educational purposes. You don’t need to shell out hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars for access, though. Just grab a model that fits your smartphone, slip the phone in, and get cracking with a few VR apps!


  1. Multi-Port USB Charging Station – how the heck will you power all of your high-tech gadgets? Why, using a charging station that has multiple sockets of course! These stations come with multiple ports, with many kits coming with multiple adapters to suit different devices.
  2. Signal Blocking Bag – annoyed by how signals from your phone tends to mess with audio systems, but don’t want to constantly set your phone to airplane mode? Why not grab a signal blocking bag instead? Slip it in when unneeded, then pull it out when you need to use it.
  3. Universal Power Adapter – speaking of adapters, a universal adapter is the perfect back-up for the tech-savvy student that needs to travel a lot. Pack one with you, and your gadgets will be guaranteed to work – no matter what kind of power outlet you’re working with.
  4. Power Bank– if you’re working with a ton of gadgets, you’ll definitely want to bring your own power bank to keep them all juiced up while on the go. A 2,000mAh capacity should do the trick, though you can go as high as 10,000mAh if you have a lot of power-hungry gadgets on hand.
  5. PC Fingerprint Lock – want to protect your tablet or laptop without having to rely on passwords? One secure yet convenient measure is to use a fingerprint lock. Plug it into a port, set it up, and you’ll be able to unlock your computer by simply pressing a finger into the lock.
  6. Bluetooth Dongle – you’ll definitely want to pick up a Bluetooth dongle if you’re working with a desktop PC or older laptop. These dongles let your computer to wirelessly hook up to Bluetooth gadgets; making file transfers a lot easier in the process.
  7. Mini PC Stick– short on cash but need a personal computer of your own? Grab a mini PC stick. These come with either Android or Windows. Hook them up to a TV or old monitor, connect a mouse and keyboard, and your PC should be good to go!
  8. Voice Recorder – a personal recorder will be handy whether you’re dealing with personal interviews or a lengthy classroom lecture. You can focus on taking down notes and then review the audio log later on your own time.
  9. Neck and Shoulder Massager – stress is a bummer, but this massager ought to help relax a tightly-wound body. The best part: it’s a harness type that you mount on your neck and shoulders. This lets you move around and get stuff done without costing an arm and a leg to buy!
  10. Headphone Sleeping Mask – you’ll only appreciate a good night’s sleep when you don’t get it. A sleeping mask with built-in headphones is the perfect thing – especially in a crowded dorm room where noise tends to float between the walls.

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