Splash page designs are integral part of website making nowadays. Splash pages are the inaugural page of your website.  It does not contain the actual information about the website but just prepares you for what lies ahead. It gives some background information about the website.  It usually appears while the launch of any software or website. Splash page designs are used by web designers to lure their clients with flashy details or by companies that intend to captivate the users’ attention to see their latest additions. They are also used in certain applications to let the user know that a program is taking some time to load.

splash page design 1

A typical splash page may have a graphic or a logo, or it may have an animation. It may also give you a choice of how to enter the site, whether you need flash or not. It also shows technical requirements like which browser is suited or which version etc.

Splash page design may have any of the following features:

  1. Each splash page may have a different background image. So if you want to display more than one page and each page will display completely different sets of background image, you may use a splash page.
  2. More than one slideshow background images can be added just by the click of a button.
  3. Timer can also be set for the images to pause on the screen before the next image comes up.
  4. If you want to make your content visually more appealing and stand out from the background image, you can use a lighter or a darker background for that area or section.
  5. Different pages may contain different content. You can drag and drop independent content on the slide.
  6. If you want to choose manual play or auto play it is up to you. You can also use YouTube video as your background and can display various YouTube pages on various pages.
  7. There can be a single image as the background image at the introductory section and all the other pages can share this same page, with their unique background image on top.
  8. These pages get all the relevant information about a website on a single flash page.
  9. Visitors can choose if they want to see the flash page on a low-bandwidth version or a high bandwidth version. They can also choose if they want to see a particular page in Standard view mode or Full screen mode.

Splace page design

Splash page design could be useful, beautifully illustrated or creatively animated but should only be made if they are built for some purpose and are user-friendly. Else, they may annoy a user out of your website.