Social media networking has emerged as one of the popular platform amongst the internet users today. It offers efficient way of communication online. The concept of exchanging text messages, videos and photos through social platform has become a thing of bygone era. A new and advanced way has introduced in the world of social networking that is referred as video social network. Mimri has been the leader in video social networking that offer interface for live video interactions between users. It offers users with an experience that goes beyond mere chatting and photo sharing.

Amazing Features

Mimri is the first of its kind video social network that will be made available for downloading and installation in the upcoming month of May 2016. This video social network is designed to work smoothly with Android and iOS platforms. This video social network has been designed to enable its users to connect with other users through live video interactions. This application also allows its users to share videos, pictures and comments, like the videos and pictures posted on the timeline of their friend’s account. The timeline of this application is very efficient and user-friendly.


The best part of Mimri is that it enables the users to share high definition quality videos of higher resolution up to 1024 pixels. Users can also enjoy HD video calling with this application and even upload videos and share it amongst other users. Users can great groups comprising 200 members and enjoy group video chatting amongst their friends. They can also make changes in the personal and security settings with ease to maintain highest level of privacy.

  • Video Resumes – This is the feature that enables the users to monitor their applicants and turn them more innovative in their self promotion
  • Video Conferencing – With this feature, the users can enjoy video calling at least with 10 people at a time. This feature allows the users to view all the members of video conferencing in same room and to do this they need to click the private live video conference.
  • Video Online Dating – This is a funny feature that has been integrated into Mimri. This feature enables the users to enjoy online dating with other users. They can also develop good relation through online dating and fix physical date with some they are interested in.

How to Create an Account With Mimri?

Mimri is all set now to offer exceptional video chatting experience to users. So, if you are interested in video chatting rather than traditional text chatting, then you need to sign-up and create account with this video social network. The process is very simple and easy.

  • You first need to register with the website and request an invitation. They will receive an invitation by the official website of Mimri.
  • Now the users are required to create account with the website to enjoy accessing its features
  • Users are needed to fill out an online form to register with the website. They need to provide few personal details and contact information
  • After registration, users will receive verification email from Mimri on the registered email ID provided while registering. Users are required to open the email and complete the registration process by clicking on the link present on email.