Murphy Ben International is a large entertainment company located in Lagos, Nigeria. The company creates their own movies, music and music videos and they even have their own TV show now. They are partnered with several companies in Africa in the same industry and they are all one big family. Murphy Ben International has over 400 employees in their small city, which is a great number of individuals to help the company with their creative new ideas and entrepreneurial attitudes. Although Murphy Ben International is successful, they still want to maintain their high ranking on the Internet and this can be achieved with some new knowledge and technology such as optimizing your web page a certain way in order to rank higher.


The company is now working on the social aspect of a new trend called SEO and they basically need to have a bunch of social profiles opened and constantly put content and updating them as well as starting to link build with some new content. Murphy Ben International needs to keep in mind what their customers would search up on a search engine so, keep in mind the keyword research and targeting. Always tracking your competitors through specific websites is a great idea and even maybe tracking your own keywords and anchor texts. The main thing about SEO is the content, new and fresh content helps you rank higher and the quality of your work and website and as well as the accessibility of your website. A couple things not to do in this particular field would be to never duplicate any content and to never hide keywords and never load pages with irrelevant keywords. There are many search engine friendly websites that tend to rank high and reasons for the high ranking are due to the fact that the HTML is able to link to each page, the search engine cannot transverse Java, and the use of directory names and file names are with relevant keywords. Murphy Ben International has also caught on that some do-follow sites can leak the page rank if there are too many. Your country’s TLD extension is great in order to rank higher and the highest TLD would be .com or anything local. For Murphy Ben International’s websites, content with over 2000 words seems to rank the highest therefore having a lot of product description on their sites is what does well.