SSL certificates are a way of showing that your website is secure. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificates are purchased in order to gain trust from visitors to your website, so that they will be happy to trust what you are saying as well as buy things form the website. There are different levels of certificate and you will need to consider which one is right for your website. Basically there are two functions for an SSL certificate which are to allow secure data transfer and to prove that the site owners are who they say they are. Both will help customers to trust you which is very important for all sites but particularly those which sell items directly from their websites.

Domain validation will verify the domain and so the site visitor can see who bought the domain and check that against details of the website to make sure that they have a match. Organisational Validation will check the validity of the business of the domain purchaser. The Extended Validation is only available to businesses and individuals and is much more stringent, needed signatures from people in the company and legal verification. This encrypts the data as well, so that when it is transferred it is more difficult to intercept it and steal the information.

Certificates have to be purchased from companies that sell them. They will make it clear what they offer and the differences between the certificates as well as the price differences. Obviously the more checks that are needed, the more expensive the certificate will be, but the more secure your website will be. You will need to consider whether it is necessary for you to have a certificate for your website and if so, which type of certificate would be the best. If you have an e-commerce site then you will want to make sure that your customers are really well protected and that they have a high level of trust. This means that you will want a high level of certification which will turn the browser address bar green, show an https domain and a padlock. Most consumers know that these things ensure that any personal data that they send to you will be protected and this is far more likely to convince them to buy form you. Obviously it is not as simple as this as customers will also seek assurance that what you are selling is good quality and some may not understand about internet security. However, a majority will understand and will want to make sure that their personal data is safe.


Where to buy your SSL?

It is simple to get an SSL certificate. You will be able to find companies selling them online and it is just a matter of choosing the right one for you. Obviously there is a price to pay and you will have to decide which of the companies you think offers the best value for money. You will also have to decide which level of certification is the right one for you. It all depends on what personal data you collect from your website. The website that you buy from should have enough information to help you to make the right choice. However, if you are unsure then you could speak to their customer services about what you require and they should be able to guide you to find the right certificate for your domain. You will need to think also whether you want it just for your main domain or for sub domains or for several domains. Multiple purchases could be cheaper so it could be worth thinking this through at this stage as it could save you money in the long run.

Once you have paid then the company that you have purchased form will tell what information they need form you. This will depend on the type of certificate you have purchased. Some will be organised very quickly but those that provide higher levels of protection will take longer as there is more information to be gathered and processed. The company you buy form should be able to let you know how long it is all expected to take.

Once they have completed their checks then you will need to install the information on your website. It will depend on the company you buy form how easy this is to do. Often this is an automated process so it is extremely easy even for those that are not used to doing this sort of thing.
So it can be a simple process to get an SSL certificate but you will need to choose wisely to ensure you get the right level of certificate and the best value for money. They are simple to install and will offer security for customers which could make them more likely to purchase things from your website.