There are quite a few binary option agencies out there like Primebrokerz binary options broker. This is a trading option that is becoming very popular with every passing day. It is called binary option because there is only two options available to you; you just need to say “yes” or “no” to whether or not your chosen stock is likely to reach a certain price at a certain time.

Here are some of the advantages of binary option trading.

  • Binary option brokers like Primebrokerz binary options brokercan help you making the right trading decisions and minimize risks.
  • Binary option trading is very easy to use and if you know the basics of stock trading then you can get the hang of it very quickly.
  • Binary option has room for big returns which isn’t always the case with trading.
  • When you are putting your money in binary option, you are getting a clear and concrete understanding of how much you are risking. In binary option you can only lose the amount that you have invested, there is no risk of losing more on leverage.
  • Since binary option has high payout, it is also proportionally high risk, in order to make people more interested in binary options, some of the brokers give up to 15% back on your investment even you have lost the trade. So you might want to deal with only the brokers who offer this option.


  • Signing up for binary option is very easy. As it is still a considerably new type of trading, many brokers offer the option of free signup for binary option trading accounts. Some even offer free demo account while others charge a minimal amount. The plus point of having a free account is that all the money that you put into your account will be utilized for trade.
  • Binary option trading has very quick turnover, normally no more than 15 to 30 minutes, so you can trade more frequently and make more profit in a comparatively short time.