The Google chrome is the most used web browser as its browsing speed and capability are substantially higher when you compare it with the other browser. To add to this, the chrome app store is everyday coming up with new applications and extensions that are making the browsing even more convenient. By going through the link  you can get some smart extensions that will make it quick to browse through your favorite and most used pages.

The simple grid has many eye-catching and exciting features that make everyone to get it added to the Google Chrome browser. Here is just some brief highlight on some of the features of this extension:


Bookmark bar:

The first thing with this extension is that it allows you to add your favorite websites as an extension to your browser. The app serves you as a bookmarking chrome extension and helps you to visit your favorite websites just by a single click.

Facebook notifications:

The Facebook is one of the most used websites and by getting an extension for the Facebook notification; you can get to know about the important thing even when you are not browsing it on web. The simple grid has a Facebook notifications extension tab that allows you to do so with ease. In addition to this, the simple grid is also having the features of a twitter bar or more specifically the twitter notification extension to keep you updated with the likes and comments on your pictures and tweets.

Gmail Notifications:

The simple grid also has Gmail notification extension tab that makes you updated with any incoming mail to help you to view it with ease. Getting simple grid on your chrome is very easy and you can also browse through the link to install it on your chrome browser.