Notibuyer is a fun little app that is available on Google Play for free download. It is available only on the Android platform as of now.

What does Notibuyer do?

It lets you create lists and organize and share them with your circle. That in itself is nothing new or unique as there are many other apps that do the exact same thing. What sets Notibuyer apart is that you do not have to type out your list; you can simply dictate it and the app will transcribe it into text automatically.

Your memo will be saved as an audio file as well as a text note. The app works with images as well. So, if you need your husband or wife to buy an item of a specific brand then you can just take a picture of the product and add to the list and then share the list with your spouse. This way there will be no room for mistakes.


Make lists and memos anytime, anywhere

This is a very useful app because you can create a memo as soon as something pops up in your head. So what if your hands are covered in soap suds or flour, you have no need to wait to write down the note, just dictate it and Notibuyer App will take it down for you. There is a small chance that the transcription might not be completely accurate, but because the app saves the original memo as an audio clip, you can easily check the text against the voice recording if you have any doubts.

You also have the option to invite people in your circle like friends, family, and colleagues to join Notibuyer groups. Thanks to this option, sharing lists and swapping memos can be accomplished very easily. You can download the app from