Managing people is not always the easiest task. It is probably the hardest one yet when the people working together click, an association can accomplish milestones.

Jack Rochel is a management veteran. He has worked his way up the ladder and been in multiple management positions in the past 30 years. His longest and current mandate is as president at a California based company. Throughout his career, he has worked with all kinds of people. Since it is one of the hardest tasks but most essential skill, Jack has decided he wants share with his readers the steps to effectively working with people.


The steps are:

  1. Defining a transformational mindset

            A changing business environment

            Working styles for future tasks

            How to create a team culture and common morale

  1. Managing an Intergenerational Workforce

            Using research and observations to engage older and new employees

            How to motivate new workers and integrate them

  1. Influencing for impact

            Assess employee strengths and weaknesses

            Coming up with action plans

            What leadership style is best for the manager and for the employees

  1. Creating Communication Connections

            Implementing interactive workshops between employees and management

            Celebrating differences

            Taking into consideration response from employees

            Learning and playing techniques to increase company morale and charisma

These steps are meant fro general mangers, senior corporate managers, manufacturing, technical, and plant managers, human resources and training managers, sales and marketing managers, operations and business unit managers, and anyone aspiring to those positions. Jack Rochel encourages aspiring leaders to learn these steps and acquire these skills before even applying or stepping into leadership positions. As a result, they will be ahead of the game and more qualified for the job or position. Jack Rochel has built up an empire at his Californian company and intends to continue applying the methods above to improve his company daily.