If you are well into your home French curriculum, then you well know the challenges of continuing to progress beyond the basics of vocabulary memorization and spelling. At this point, the apps and programs you invested in to help your beginner are likely being outgrown. When you advance to intermediate French, the ability to put your own thoughts into French sentences and master the basics of conversation become the focus, rather than individual words. Since many of the apps you have are too simple at this point, you may assume that you need to focus on a curriculum that works well without the added help that apps can provide. The truth is, though, that there are some fantastic app resources out there for intermediate and higher level French.

First up is Duolingo, an app we recommend for beginning French, but it is great for intermediate study, as well. Duolingo is completely free(!), and has really upped its game in the grammar department over original versions. So, as you progress through the introductory lessons, presented as levels to beat, you can continue to learn, grow, and be challenged by this ultra-affordable app. It has one multiple awards, and user reviews are overwhelmingly positive. With the free price tag, you can’t go wrong giving this app a try.

For enhancing your listening comprehension, there is News in Slow French. Available both online and in app form, this is a French news program that provides audiophiles of French news with accompanying transcripts. Listeners will gain familiarity with every day, native spoken French. Beyond just the news, the program discusses French grammar and expressions, and even includes downloadable flashcards. Often when learning a language, the listening component gets overlooked, but this app assure that your listening skills are developed alongside your speaking skills.

Last, there is a great app for helping intermediate to advanced learners master those French verbs, Le Conjugueur. Verb conjugations can be a difficult concept to grasp in any language, and especially for an English speaker is learning one of the Romantic languages. This app demonstrates not only the correct conjugation of French verbs, but also teaches the student how to use the appropriate verb tense according to different scenarios. Verb mastery is one of the most important aspects of developing fluency and conversational ability in a new language, so it is helpful to have an app devoted entirely to that task.

As your French students make progress and advance in their knowledge and ability to operate in a foreign language, these apps will be a valuable asset in their journey. Be creative in also looking for new, challenging sources to challenge their language development, such as French literature and movies that may be available through the web. Language mastery is an ongoing process, and one for which your child will be grateful for many years to come.

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