Technology has brought far off places nearer, speeded up the interactions and communications, things that took hours and days to complete now take minutes and seconds, pace of life has changed exponentially and all the credit goes to technology.

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Cloud computing is a practice of storing data which we use regularly on multiple servers. This data can be access through the internet anywhere.

This is a computing that works on sharing the computing data or resources on the cloud. This does not require any additional support.

This section talks about the hot topic of today that is cloud. The article talks about Microsoft efforts to drive change in the technology world and make its mark in the field of cloud computing.

In its next article it reviews the distinct and unique smartphone called nextbit Robin and reviews it like pro. This gives a good insight into what one must look for when buying a new device in market and such reviews from techies do help a lot in giving a fresh new perspective



There are more updated and interesting articles in this section about the glass based discs which hold the data for more than 13 billion years. Such data storage medium can preserve data for the longest period of time known. The article explains how the data is stored and how one can utilize it.  This means we can preserve the data for long time for the generations to know about the civilizations.


As the section says it has articles about new gadgets and new features being added to the already existing gadgets. Gadgets are very developing, evolving and changing by the minute. There is a hard core competition within the organizations that are involved in the manufacture of the gadgets. This sector profusely uses technology and develops new gadgets every minute. The articles also intend to review the gadget so the buyer and you as a reader has a clear idea of what the gadget is all about and how it functions

The article on top 3 must buy Occulus games. It talks about the three games which would entice any gamer and help consider which game to buy. The top three listed games are Eve: Valkyrie, keep talking and nobody explodes and defense grid 2. The article also explains the experience of each game and how different they are from others. Where else will you get such in depth analysis and awareness along with comparisons?

For example, the top article Sony planning for a PS4.5 which would support the 4k resolution with upcoming games. The article talks about the analogy behind the 4.5 and how it would be better than the previous models.

Another article of interest would be the drone phantom 4. DJI will be coming up with a Phantom 4 with software enhancement. Gives the details about the drones’ specifications and price!