The virtual world of internet has become dangerous for almost everyone; be it a little girl trying to explore a nice game on her tab or an elderly woman, who stays alone at her home, nobody is safe. In fact, gone are the days when men were said to be safe on internet; hackers and identity thieves have made everybody’s lives really hard.

But this does not mean that you stop using internet or don’t make new friends on social networking websites, all you need to do is protect personal information online.

Following are the top five reasons for you to protect your identity in the virtual world of internet:


  1. Anybody can be YOU: If you lose your identity on internet, your personal information can be used by anyone and he can be you in the virtual world. You need to protect personal information online to be at a safe side.
  2. Your loved ones can be in danger: If someone tries to be you on internet, he can be a major threat to your family. Even their identities can be leaked, through your leaked information.
  3. Social networking websites are the biggest threats to your identity: Facebook, Twitter and other such websites are not safe at all. You need something that protects you from being exposed.
  4. Your credit or debit cards are at risk: Even the most sensitive information of yours is at risk, if you don’t guard yourself on internet.
  5. People won’t believe you: If someone else gets into your disguise and talks to others or misbehaves with them, they won’t believe in you anymore.

But finding the perfect information protector is not an easy task; you’ve got to depend on websites that compare the rates of such software and lets you know about the reviews of the users.