Marketing yourself and your career as brands is the practice of personal branding that is very much becoming a center of attraction for everyone. But is everyone doing it right? Not necessarily.

Being unique and authentic can really get you all that attention from the crowd but it’s just not enough. Having a good website can really augment the entire process – from mere temporary attention to an everlasting impression.

Web design Toronto based agency has mentioned the following points that can make your personal branding website stand out and do wonders.

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  1.       A better ‘About Me’ page

The ‘About Me’ page should be like a reflection of your very own personality only then will it interest others. The more personalize messages and storytelling that you tell, the more people will be willing to believe in you. It has a lot to do with creating a special humane connection. We believe in stories as they help us to bond so show your personality, the real you by means of channeling your inner story.

  1.       Use of high quality images

Regardless of the website design or any aesthetics that you use for your personal branding online, if the images are not good quality, your first impression will not be so good an impression. Humans just form opinions on the basis of first impressions. Images and visuals speak for themselves and play a crucial role in giving out an impression of yourself. Don’t let them form the wrong opinion and spend on getting yourself good quality images of yourself.

  1.       Personal blog

Having a blog shows that you care about your communities, fans and followers. It is perhaps the best way of helping them out by sharing your expert opinions, updates in the technology you work with, create affiliations and best practices that has helped you achieve a lot and so much more. A blog can be easily incorporated to your website. Fix the blog section in the main navigation so that its prominent or play around to find a solution that fits your needs.

  1.       Client testimonials

This is perfect to attract new clients. You serve clients, put their thanking notes on your website and voila! Include all the testimonials from satisfied clients by adding their name, job title, business website and their photo to put human faces against just words. You can also record a video to add that extra punch.

  1.       Create consistently

Whatever you create, do or offer, just remember to do keep consistency in it. Say if you deal in B2B markets, record all the work that you do, update your blog and post it on your website to keep it updated. Also, if there are any facts or figures on your website, update them frequently as well.

Personal branding is fun and engaging provided you follow the right procedure. Get in touch with a Toronto branding agency to create a personal brand out of yourself.

Author Bio: Mariya Sabeen Irshad (@MariyaSIrshad) is a Creative Writer by passion and a Content Marketing Strategist by profession – a tech-savvy who is currently associated with Branex, a creative design studio. With an MBA in Marketing, she holds relevant industry experience and writes about digital marketing, mobile applications, web designing, career counseling, game development and trending technology news.