GWC Valves is a valve manufacturing company based out of California with locations in Milan, Dubai, and China. Their innovative Italian engineered products have increased in demand recently and have shown progressive growth for the past decade. Recently, the company has implemented a customizing program where companies can customize valves and flow control products for their flow systems. They anticipate a lot more success with this program.

The company attributes the majority of it’s success to its employees. GWC Valves has invested a lot of time in manager-employee relationships because it has a critical impact on employee performance. This kind of relationship is one of the only ones that is arguably more important than the customer-company relationship.

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To ensure employees and managers have a good relationship therefore fully productive resulting in company success, GWC Valves has invested in managerial training. In training, management has focused and continues to focus on: promoting the understanding of shared goals and task relevance; ensuring adequate knowledge and resources; and facilitating effective interactions.

GWC Valves knows it is virtually impossible for individuals and employees to achieve anything as a group without effective interaction. Effective interactions at GWC Valves has always been a priority and they intend to keep it that way. When employees have good relationships with their managers, they can feel comfortable and safe coming to work. Once employees feel comfortable and equal to their managers, it allows them to feel comfortable expressing themselves, participating in company relations, ultimately founding a better work morale.