As we know, in the food, drink and catering industries there are laws which must be adhered to so every business should make provision for any situation and they should also have confidence that their service provider is always working hard and within the demanding criteria set by H.S.E. and the Food Standards Agency.


Don’t jeopardise your FSA rating or your reputation. Please ensure that you are working with reputable professional service providers who are experts on fridge trailer and freezer trailer hire and work in accordance with standards.

It’s recommended that you consider these points:

  1. Are the fridge and freezer trailers lockable?
  2. Are the cold rooms and freezer rooms secure?
  3. How many keys do clients receive?
  4. Do you need to obtain insurance for your hired unit?
  5. Can you drive your own vehicle and tow the trailer?
  6. Are fridge trailers and freezer trailers suitable for horse and county shows?
  7. What power do the hire units require?
  8. Can a generator be supplied?
  9. Can you store ice in a fridge trailer or cold room?
  10. If the supplier tells you that refrigeration van hire is a better option, ask them why because the generally accepted view is that they are less cost effective.

Answers, broadly speaking:

Yes, the units should be lockable with one or two keys provided to the client.

The fridge trailer/freezer trailer itself should be insured but stock within it won’t be.

Self-towing of a fridge trailer is not permitted by many companies as they deliver and collect the trailer, saving the hassle of finding a suitable towing vehicle and the insurance to cover it.

Fridge trailers are eminently suitable for horse and country shows, festivals and outdoor events.

Fridge and freezer trailers require around 3kw either through electrical mains or generator. Ask the service provider about generator availability.

Ice can be stored for hours in a fridge trailer without it defrosting to an unusable degree.

Fridge vans are generally less cost effective and efficient than fridge trailer hire. Clients incur fuel costs and travel time which makes them less desirable.


  • Selecting refrigeration van hire instantly increases the cost of hire and for some this may be prohibitive. Vehicles also break down.
  • Van hire would change the nature of the operation. Fridge trailer and freezer trailer hire includes delivery, set up and collection. Van hire would necessitate a pick up and drop off at the service provider’s premises and subsequently it costs the client valuable time. Would you rather spend time on the transport network or attending to core business needs?
  • A fridge trailer is less expensive because the competition locally and nationally has pushed prices to a customer friendly level. You’re hiring a facility not a vehicle and that makes a staggering difference to expenditure. Van hire would mean fuel charges for every client.
  • Delivery and collection for fridge trailer hire from reputable companies usually employs regularly serviced and maintained vehicles and all emergency equipment is carried on board. It’s low risk.

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The general association of being scientifically smart has to do with the maturation of the aptitude. Children who fit into this category are those that excel at a number of different subjects because of their capacity. Parents can take a variety of approaches when it comes to raising scientifically smart children. Taking an active part in the educational process is paramount to achieving such goals.

This is why many parents around the country have opted to homeschool their children. Time and dedication are required to build and strengthen the aptitude. Scientific studies have been created to measure an individual’s IQ. Tests of this nature measure not only intelligence but the ability to critically think. Problem resolution plays a major role in the exercise of overall intelligence in any area.

Plan Problem Solving Activities

There are a variety of different problem solving activities that impact intelligence. Puzzles in the subjects of Math, Science and Vocabulary are effective. Young children can benefit from this sort of learning. In fact, starting early with problem resolution and critical thinking activities is important. These serve as a background for future academic goals. Computerized games that focus on solving problems, finding objects and observing results help increase students reasoning abilities.

Encourage Thorough Reading

It doesn’t matter whether you choose traditional books or eBooks. Reading thoroughly and effectively is a skill that is needed in life. Having this skill not only builds intelligence, it sparks curiosity and conversation. Children should be required to read more than they watch television for fun. Allowing them to make reading choices is a good way to participate in their own education. Combining fiction and non-fiction helps to reinforce subjects like History, Social Studies and Literature.


Test for Retention

Testing is an activity that is often under controversy. There are many diverse ways to test children other than traditional procedures. Question and answer activities and games fit into this category. Using these strategies helps you to determine what the child knows. These are techniques often utilized in classrooms and are quite effective. Online tests in virtually every subject are available per grade level focuses. These and testing software are useful tools for improving retention.

Introduce New Topics

There is a wealth of topics that fit under the umbrella of academic subjects. Parents can select different topics over time to cover the subjects of Literature, History, Art, Current Events and Music. Finding ways to make learning fun and interesting is important. Regular discussion of these topics helps children to gain proficiency in these areas. These activities are particularly useful when combined with school work. Depending on the grade level, it may be effective to allow children to make some selections when it comes to new topics to study.

There are proven strategies that have been used over the years to develop smartness. Taking a scientific approach to this process could mean totally absorbing children in academic pursuits. Parents can tackle complex subject matter by incorporating learning activities in daily life. Games, software, activities and even debates can help to build intelligence in children.

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