There’s an app for virtually everything, and that includes business and learning. If you are pursuing a Masters of Business Administration, you are finding ways to use technology to facilitate your studies and to apply in the business world. Most things are moving to digital and this includes every aspect of running a company from payroll to making a business plan to file sharing. You are most likely familiar with apps that help manage your workload and keep track of finances. People tend to like using their favorite apps for a variety of functions, but it is always a good idea to branch out and look for new products.

Business Plans and Presentations

A business plan is an essential place to begin for any company. You will need an effective and clear business plan to persuade potential investors to believe in your company or to secure funding from a bank or another financial institution. A business plan is part mission statement and part description of how your company operates. One of the best MBA-specific apps for constructing a business plan is Elevator (IOS). It not only enables you to build a plan, but makes it easy to share it with others. This app is a great improvement from brainstorming using a pad and a pencil. Elevatr helps you coax your best ideas into shape and gives structure to your vision.


You may have a lot of impressive data but dread the notion of sitting down and figuring out how to put all of the information into charts. Some people love making charts and graphs, but if this is not your forte and you want something presented quickly, use Roambi (iOS) to organize your data and present it in an attractive and compelling form. You can input data into Roambi from a variety of sources including spreadsheets, websites and databases and let the app transform them into compelling visuals. For more information about technology and improving presentations, consult an article about MBA-specific apps.

Filesharing Apps

If you are attending the University of Maryland and want to share information quickly and flawlessly with someone and at Cambridge University, for instance, you need look no further than Microsoft Outlook. You may already have Microsoft outlook app but are not yet using all of its features such as the integration of email with your calendar. This app features fast filtering which allows you to locate obscure emails and gives you the ability to send large documents without having to download them first. Dropbox is also a popular app for sharing files, and it operates cross-platform with the cloud. Just in case you forget to hit save, Dropbox preserves your information.

Staying Productive

The adage “time is money” is definitely true in the world of business. Anything you do helps you and your company stay organized by integrating your daily lists, reminders and notes about upcoming events. Evernote is an ideal app for students, because it helps you use your notes and research effectively with cross-platforming that can be connected to your calendar and Outlook system.

Simplify Your Studies

As a business student, you are focused on organizing your time  how to make the most of your time and figuring out how to increase value with enhanced efficiency. Incorporate popular business apps into your studies and continue using them once you start your business.


Many business owners are using social media marketing as their top strategy for introducing their business aside from the traditional method that they used to do in their products and service campaign. The advancement of technology is really a great way for many business owners to have their place on the market. However, the competition is getting tougher and it makes the chance of the business to become hard to achieve. The same reason applied for people to question of efficiency of social media marketing in one of many marketing strategies used by different companies from many industries. Here are some of the reasons why social media marketing is proven effective these days.

Once you have noticed the following development in your business by using social media marketing with Facebook and Twitter, there you can say that social media marketing effective in your business:


Improved Revenues or Sales

As per digital marketing agency for small businesses, one of the perfect measure to use for determining social media as your marketing strategy can be by means of knowing if the business was able to increase on the sales. When the sales of your business increased after several months of implementing social media for your strategy you already have a proof that your business should not miss this strategy to be well implemented in your business. Additionally, this only means that your business was able to build reputation for people already patronizes your products and services.

Increased Customer Population

Once you have noticed that you already have large gap or increase from the time you are not yet implementing social media strategy in marketing is a perfect way to determine if this strategy is applicable on your business. Perhaps it is also about the relevance of offered products of your business that makes sense for people to become curious and be encouraged to try what your business is currently offering to people.


Good Feed backs

Getting good feed backs from your current customer is one great measurement way to apply in determining the business potentials for the things that the business should be able to maintain for the sake of keeping business reputation. One of the best things about social media marketing strategy is the benefit it has for keeping a business to be on the top by delivering a great opportunity for business to have longer time of operating business because of good feedback about the company’s services and products that is being shared to other people online.

Meanwhile, one of the best examples for telling if social media marketing is really effective is through Result Driven SEO a highly experienced SEO agency based in Sydney. Businesses have proven that social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter for their business are really effective. The improvement of many businesses is perhaps one of the main reasons why many investors out there are getting into the idea of building their business and start their campaign through Social media marketing in Singapore.

If you are currently in Sydney, it is definitely your time to get the best chances for your business to increase potential growth and competition rank through social media marketing. But it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to go there just to have the chance of improving your business. The important thing in business is you way of achieving your strategy. Social media marketing as a proposed marketing strategy is a good way of determining business capabilities for potential growth. Social media is for free which will save you from the potential cost unlike other strategies to implement in your business. It is only your effort that is much needed on the process for encouraging people to recognize your brand.


With many people having children in school, the need for a computer is pretty high. The chances of computer failure are also pretty high; kids can be pretty rough on pretty much everything; college kids are not much better and accidents are bound to happen. Things get spilled and dumped and knocked over quite often, this is especially bad if it happens to be the computer that has all of their homework stored on them. You may find yourself in great need of a hard drive recovery service to get back all the homework that was lost while partying a bit too hard.

Gadgets for the Back-to-Schooler

Kids today are learning at a much faster pace than ten or twenty years ago. Technology is constantly evolving to make learning easier and you will find that kids need or want to have the best gadgets on the market. There are so many tech gadgets available that it can be hard to choose what to get them. There are gadgets that can help with homework:

  • A whiteboard that is portable
  • A projector that fits in your pocket
  • A Digital microscope

There are also gadgets that you can get to make life easier while in the dorm room or on the go:

  • All in one coffee pot
  • An Ionic hair straightener
  • VR Glasses for your smartphone
  • Massagers for the neck and shoulders

Your children can have all the comforts of being at home right here at school and they can have the gadgets they need to make their school projects stand out and help them survive college life.


What Can Go Wrong Will Go Wrong

Kids are always saying things like, trust me. And what could possibly go wrong? These are things that every parent hates to hear because deep down you just know something is going to happen no matter what precautions you take to avoid them. Disasters will strike be it natural or child made disasters, things are bound to get ruined or destroyed. It cost a lot of money to replace some of these gadgets and toys that they value so much. A computer is probably one of the biggest expenses you will shell out with the exception of tuition that is.

You want to make sure that they have plenty of safety features to keep things like the computer from unintentional abuse. Sometimes things happen anyway and you need to replace or fix a computer or another gadget. You may end up having to restore a hard drive or replace it altogether but what about the lost data? Well if it is retrievable you might want to think about making a clone of the new hard drive and backing it up several times if possible so that nothing is ever going to be lost.

Unless your children are not the partying type and never get into trouble then accidents will happen no matter how much drilling into their heads you do; children will make mistakes. This is just how they learn and hopefully for the sake of your bank account one time will be more than enough to teach them the lesson of being careful around expensive gadgets. You might also want to get them in the habit of getting a part time job and helping you float the bill on damages and getting their own gadgets. This just might help teach them to not let their disastrous ways damage their things.