Xiaomi is a renowned Chinese brand whose smartphones have received good response from consumers in India. Its new Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 smartphone which is packed with premium features, promises to fulfill growing needs of the consumers within mid-budget segment. Before spending money on this phone let us explore its bespoken features in detail.

Features and Specifications

This mid-budget smartphone exhibits a dazzling LCD IPS screen of 5.5 inches that supports bright visual resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels and color density of 403 ppi. The mobile runs on the platform of Android v5.1 Lollipop which is loaded with pre-installed applications like Instagram, Google, YouTube and so on. For the purpose of producing seamless performance, the device is packed with Adreno 510 Graphics Processor, chipset of Qualcomm Snapdragon 65 processor, 1.8 GHz Hexa Core processor and 3 GB RAM. Redmi Note 3 of Xiaomi flexes a rear camera of 16 megapixels and front camera of 5 megapixels.


Design and Quality

The outer surface of the mobile features a chunky metallic body with fine matte finishing on the edges. The overall design delivers a subtle and polished impact with no exaggeration in the middle. The display screen with sharp background resolution and color density offers crystal clear view of animated visuals and text documents without adding stress to your eyes. The display screen is packed with features like Read Mode, Night Mode, Sunlight Display and so on to allow users to easily spot app icons and notifications in any outdoor and indoor environment. The power button and volume rockers are placed ergonomically on the right side, while on the left you can spot the dual hybrid SIM tray. The capacitive buttons are placed at the bottom portion of the screen and the front camera is placed on the top. Xiaomi Mobile Price range is suitable for all type of buyers.

OS and tech

The Android 5.1 OS (upgradable to Marshmallow in future) comes with the stock Mi UI that allows wide range of customization options to allow users to easily transform the theme, look and effects as per their preference. The most notable among them is the app of Theme Store that provides variety of free themes to increase the selection of the users. For more theme options, you can use the dedicated theme settings app that can help you to alter the look as per your whims and moods. It is an ideal smartphone for handling heavy and multitasking activities or for tackling HD games and videos. You can easily run two applications simultaneously without putting pressure on the battery. Powerful 4G connectivity will help you to engage in different online activities at great speeds.

Camera and Multimedia

The 16-megapixel rear camera is stocked with features like dual tone LED flash, Panorama, HDR, Smile detection, touch-focus and others for producing sharp images in bright and dim light conditions. This camera shoots video at the rate of 30 frames per second and offers a sharp resolution of 1080 pixels. The front camera is ideal for capturing good selfies and for making video calls. The mobile supports many new multimedia options and supports playing video and music in various formats.

Battery and Memory

The phone draws power from a battery of 4050 mAh that supports satisfactory talk-time and standby durations. Your phone will not encounter power shortage even after performing various online and offline tasks for a long period of time. This device features internal memory of 32 GB for providing enough space to store data, files and folders. For more storage options you can use the dual micro-SD slots of 32GB.

Pros and Cons


  • Powerful RAM capacity of 3GB
  • Highly powerful battery of 4050 mAh
  • Large and vibrant display screen
  • Dynamic platform of Android v5.1 Lollipop operating system
  • Solid internal memory of 32GB for storing vital information


  • Average performance of front and rear camera
  • Battery is non-removable
  • Customization options are not upgraded


Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 of falling at a price range of around Rs 10,000 to Rs 11,000 is the ideal smartphone for buyers looking for premium and existing features at mid-budget range. This phone can beat other players falling in the same league like Samsung Galaxy On 7Pro, Lenovo Vibe K5 Note 3GB, Huawei Honor 5C, and others.


There are so many transcription services available in several places around, but the Transcription service needs to be at the back of your mind while looking for a transcription service to patronize.

  • Transcribe the work to a high quality and at a fast pace at a quite expensive rate.
  • Transcribe the work at a fast pace and cheaper price but the quality will be quite low.
  • Transcribe the work at a cheap price with high quality but the pace will be very slow resulting in a longer period.

Here is a list of top 5 online transcription services:

  1. Scribe Audio/Video Transcription | Starting at $0.75/min
  2. Rev – Transcription, Captions, Translation
  3. CastingWords
  4. Tigerfish Transcribing: Transcription Services
  5. Fast, Accurate Translation and Transcription Service – TranscribeMe


Audio Quality

Audio quality is very vital; recording audio that has strong background noise or accents will make you spend more money- about $.50 to .$75 more per audio minute.  It is cheaper if you record high-quality audio that has no heavy background noise or humming- you will easily save about 30% to 40% by doing this.

Speaker Accent & Foreign Languages

Foreign languages and accents play a vital role in determining the price and quality of your audio transcription. Foreign languages can make you incur extra costs of about $1 per audio minute. The only way to reduce cost on foreign transcriptions is to look for a transcription company that has transcribers who speak or understand the languages you are transcribing.

Speed, Cost, and Accuracy

These factors determine the total price of your transcription. The standard price for the industry charges $1 to $1.50 per audio minute, and some companies also charge per speaking person. Some companies could give you high quality but turnaround time is not guaranteed while other companies could guarantee 98% accuracy with different turnaround times.

Some other companies have fixed turnaround times. You’ll pay additional money to speed up the work if you want it to be ready at a particular time. Mostly 24 to 48 hours is the period for fast turnarounds in the industry, so if your turnaround time is 48 hours, the standard fee is $.75 per audio minute. If it is 24 hours, the fee is $1.25 per audio minute and services charges for delivery on the same day could be $1.50 per audio minute.

Extra Features / Files Uploads

  • Audio Time-coding — These are audio timestamps that are added at intervals all through the transcript. The time varies with each transcription service. It could be at two minutes intervals or every new speaker.
  • Speaker Tracking — This allows you know the person speaking in your transcript. There should also be an avenue to edit the names of the speakers in the transcript. Some companies charge if there are many speakers in the audio. Some charge $.25 a person per audio minute for up to 3 speakers, $.50 a person per audio minute for four speakers, a cap is usually placed for five speakers and above at an extra charge of $.50 per audio minute.

Out of the many transcription companies available, you need to look for one that will perfectly cater to your needs.

Why are outsourcing Transcription services beneficial?

Outsourcing transcription services is fast becoming popular because companies have started to see its benefits. The number of low cost-high value destinations is becoming many around the world and companies are beginning to review the advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing the whole process to third parties that are trustworthy. Some benefits of outsourcing the transcription process to third party agencies are mentioned below:

  • Companies save time, energy and money when they outsource.
  • In-house transcription takes up a lot of time. Outsourcing tasks that need a lot of professional know-how gives the business extra time to work on other tasks.
  • It is easier to Outsource; the technology, people and equipment the clients have to handle are fewer. The time they would have used in hiring, supervising and training employees can be used in doing other important things.
  • More money is saved by outsourcing rather than having in-house transcription staff. Clients use less money to buy equipment, and there are the fewer number of employees, few amount of software, smaller office space and also less medical transcription software.
  • There will be no need for hiring additional employees. This means no extra employees to pay sickness pay, vacation pay and various benefits.
  • Transcription services can be used as at when needed. Outsourcing makes room for changes in workflow and workload; extra employees will not need to be hired if the workload increases. Clients only pay when they need to have a work transcribed.
  • The work done will be of high quality and good TAT because it will be done by a transcriber who is experienced and is also a professional. The quality will be far better than the one done by staff or in-house secretary and the period for completion will be less.
  • No payment of fixed salary or benefits to any employee,
  • You don’t have to look for training space, equipment and office space.
  • Less employee stress
  • You only pay when you need to transcribe a piece of work.
  • Affordable prices
  • Quick turnaround time
  • High quality and accuracy

Other benefits

  • There are special skills needed for transcribing any work. Outsourcing allows you the opportunity to have your work transcribed by professionals in the field. This way, you are sure of getting accurate results and high-quality work.
  • Using outsource transcription services allows companies to have extra resources and more employees to use for other important tasks.
  • Companies can direct all their energy towards their main business work instead of diverting some to transcription work.
  • Companies do not need to put in time and resources into hiring a set of people to do the transcribing work.
  • Companies can use their influence to get some benefits from outsourcing transcription services by owning their workflow systems, productive staff and re-engineering skills.
  • Some burden is also lifted off the I.T department of the company. They wouldn’t need to troubleshoot on the many platforms and software used by transcribers. It also saves money because extra expenses will not be spent on maintaining IT infrastructure

Everybody benefits from using outsourcing transcription services. The client saves time, energy and money and the transcriptionist also gets paid a good sum of money for the services provided.


Panasonic have always been a really very trust worthy company when it comes to the ventilation solutions and other similar machineries. There is just too wide range available in Panasonic and they offer reliability and durability in all of their products. Recently, Panasonic has introduced new Panasonic ventilation fans into the market and they are highly trustworthy and advanced as well. If you want to experience the pleasure of using smart machineries within your budget then this is the right choice for you.


You will get advantage of all the amazing features without any requirement of paying too much for it. You will get highly trustworthy results from your investment in ventilation fans of Panasonic. If you have any doubts regarding the usefulness of this product’s machinery and functionalities then here I am sharing with you some of the most interesting features of these ventilation fans that will allow you to prefer it most for your purchase requirement.

Completely silent: The most important advantage of Panasonic FV-08VQ5 is that this is available for you with the advantage of noise deduction feature. This machine runs silently and you will never hear any disturbing sound from these ventilation fans because they have been designed for perfectly quite work.

Powerful performance: If you are looking for best ventilation fans that can provide you ideal performance then FV-08VQ5 clearly is the best choice for you because this will give you the additional advantage of amazing performance that you haven’t seen before. The power of these ventilation fans are boosted with the help of new features of advanced technology and that makes it highly reliable and durable too.

Ideal model: If you want to find a perfect ventilation fan that you can use for your commercial purposes then you should necessarily choose Panasonic ventilation fans. These fans can offer you great styling and attractive appearance which will allow you to use these ventilation fans for both residential and commercial purposes.

Advanced tech integration: There have been many technological advancement in FV-08VQ5 which makes it better option for everyone. If you will compare it with other options available in this price range then you will clearly find it best product for you to choose. It has integrated duct adapter on its 50-110 CFM product model. Most importantly, these fans are prepared for multipurpose functionalities therefore they are suitable for complying with various options like WA state code, ASHRAE 62.2, EarthCraft, IAP, LEED and CA Title-24 etc.

If you want to get best ventilation fans within your budget then your research is over now. You are here with the best option that you can find without any need of crossing your financial budget. This is the best ventilation fans designed and developed by Panasonic which will offer you advantage of durability. Additionally, the advanced technology integration will make everything even better and much more beneficial for you.

So, what are you waiting for? Search for the necessary details about FV-08VQ5 and purchase it right now so that you can avail its advantages from this very moment.